Rural-Urban Linkages under Different Farming Systems: The Cases of Coffee and Non-Coffee Growing Regions in Ethiopia

"This study examines the nature and magnitude of rural-urban linkages in Robe and Limu Kossa Weredas of Oromiya region in Ethiopia. The study is motivated by the belief that sustainable development requires a symbiotic development of both rural and urban areas which is grounded on the assumptions of the virtuous circle model of rural-urban linkages. The study found out that the farm sector in the study areas shows consumption linkages in terms of expenditures on urban goods and selected social services. The hinterlands have also shown limited marketing linkages in the sale of rural products to the small towns. The main rural products brought to the small towns are: coffee in Limu Kossa Wereda and grain in Robe Wereda. Most of the expected linkages such as input, financial and processing linkages between the hinterlands and the small towns do not exist."