The document starts by giving background on Rhodesia’s past from 1922 until the present, then discusses its present and possible future. The author believes that it is in the best interests of all Rhodesians to reach an agreement with the British Government, which depends on the fifth principle, and that the proposals under the Home/Smith Agreement offer the Africans an opportunity that they will not get under the 1969 Constitution. Concerning the future, the feeling is widespread in Rhodesia that there will be a settlement and Mr. Smith will talk to the Africans, but the lead must come from him. The document discusses the ramifications of the Pearce Commission, and that a settlement is urgent due to sanctions and the resultant effects on agriculture, and problems with employment, capital, and development. The article further states that the key to fighting the terrorist movement in the sub-continent depends on the goodwill and the support of the African people. The subcontinent, especially Rhodesia and South Africa, is also affected by increasing international isolation.