Revisiting the Trajectory of Regime Change in Africa - The Case of Mali

This policy brief argues that West Africa is not out of the woods with regards to unconstitutional changes in government as the region is increasingly witnessing crises of governance and democratic reversals. Regional and international actors need to pay closer attention to political unrests in la Cote d’Ivoire, Benin and Guinea; Sanctions need not be applied only when the military takeover has occurred. States could be threatened with sanctions and sanctioned when civilian authorities fail to abide by democratic principles; Mediation efforts from the grassroots to the highest decision making levels need to be strengthened; Other African states need to take lessons from recent developments in order to avoid the contagion of unconstitutional regime changes; Military incursion into civilian rule should be condemned and discouraged by all. However, citizens need to have options when faced with political crisis orchestrated by civilian administrators.