Rethinking South Africa's Development Path: Reflections on the ANC's Policy Conference Discussion Documents

"This publication is a critique of the set of discussion documents released by the African National Congress [ANC] in preparation for its Policy Conference at the end of June and its Congress in December 2007. The purpose of the publication is to facilitate national debate and dialogue on the discussion documents as part of the Centre for Policy Studies [CPS]contribution to strengthening South Africa’s democracy. In addition, through this publication, we hope to contribute to public policy that will meet the needs of South Africa’s democracy and development. This includes meeting basic needs, reducing poverty and inequality, creating jobs, growing the economy, promoting freedom of thought and discourse, and strengthening its governance institutions. Specifically, the publication aims to:facilitate and generate a national dialogue and debate around the ANC discussion documents; facilitate citizen involvement in the evolution of public policy through discussion generated by the publication; influence the policy of the ANC - and subsequently government policy; and assist the ANC to fashion policies that will enable the ANC government to be responsive to the real needs of all South Africans."