The contents of this issue is as follows: "Perspectives on Reproductive health issues and challenges in Nigeria" which discusses the reproductive health status of the Nigerian adolescent, the general lack of sexual health information available to the Nigerian people, as well as early and forced marriages. "Fertility levels and the underlying factors in Nigeria" provide recent data of the National Demographic and Housing Survey which was carried out in 2008 regarding different components of the reproductive health situation in Nigeria. "Family planning in Nigeria" focus on women who are sexually active because they have the greatest risk of exposure to pregnancy. "Maternal Health in Nigeria" discusses antenatal care to ensure optimal health for mothers and their babies. The last articles discusses reproductive health under the titler: "Promoting reproductive health through advocacy in Nigeria." "Challenges on sexual and reproductive health rights (SRHR) in some Nigerian States as identified by trainees of advocacy activities." "Reflections on trainees on the level of attention paid by government, stakeholders on sexual and reproductive health in Nigeria." Brief reports then follows on CPED Activities.