Report: Working Group 3: Innovative and Inclusive Public and Private Strategies to Help Vulnerable Groups

This report is focused on providing recommendations applicable to the problems of the most vulnerable groups of citizens directly affected by the COVID-19 crisis. To highlight the challenges faced by those groups and point out action-oriented recommendations, members of Working Group 3 were distributed in five subgroups to address specific vulnerable citizens: Children and Youth, Elderly, Women in Vulnerable Conditions, Migrants and Racial/Ethnic Minorities. Ideas and experiences were exchanged by the members of the subgroups to provide an overview of each vulnerable group’s situation. Regional diversity within the members of the subgroups complemented views and exposed not only different realities, but also common strategies and best practices for interventions by the public and private sectors. In order to highlight some of the major challenges faced by vulnerable groups during the crisis and to point out the needs for specific interventions addressed to these citizens, Working Group 3 elaborated recommendations based on examples of best practices and innovative ideas. In following lines, the reader will be introduced to challenges faced by specific five groups of vulnerable populations that deserve special attention during this crisis, namely: Action Oriented key recommendations. Subgroup 1: Children and Youth, Subgroup 2: Elderly Subgroup 3: Women in Vulnerable conditions, Subgroup 4: Migrants and Subgroup 5: Racial/Ethnic Minorities