Report of the Baseline Survey on the Context and Status of Research Use in Policy Formulation at the Ministry of Health in Kenya

This study makes a number of recommendations that, if adopted, could strengthen institutional and individual capacity for increased demand and use of research evidence in Kenya’s health sector. At the individual level, there is a need for capacity building to equip the staff at MoH involved in policy formulation with the necessary skills required at every step of policy formulation. There is also a need for the establishment of a research evidence portal or health observatory where all evidence collected that is relevant to policy formulation can be stored and accessed. This study also recommends that the MoH needs to allocate a budget that is specifically earmarked for the policy formulation process. Finally, there is a need for the institutionalisation of a culture within government that values and consequently invests in research evidence generation and use processes from the start point of the data collectors to the end point of data user and/or policymakers.