Referenda in Seychelles and Madagascar: The run up to presidential elections

This report discusses the run-up to elections in the Seychelles and Madagascar. By the end of 1992, both states will have new governments where they have to accommodate an opposition movement in contrast to a single ruling party. In the Seychelles referendum, the SPPF emerged victorious, with the Democratic Party as the opposition. Despite past differences, both broadly agree on the new constitution, and the real struggle concerns future economic policy. However, the ruling party seems likely to remain the SPPF. In the Madagascar referendum, the electorate voted for a new constitution. The head of state, President Didier Ratsiraka, intends to stand for re-election, opposed by the coalition opposition movement Forces Vives. It seems that only those two parties have sufficient political profile to garner significant support. In the event of a continuing stalemate, many Malagasy fear a military coup, and the new government will have to dismantle the bureaucracy and establish a viable economic infrastructure.