Queens Without Crowns: Somaliland Women's Changing Roles and Peace Building

The roles of women in Somaliland seem to be changing. The eruption of the civil war in Somalia in 1988 marked a new beginning in the history of the Somali People. The war set into motion quite a number of processes, which have had a far-reaching effect on the country and its people. The war precipitated immense destruction, both human and material. Also, there have been unprecedented exodus, disintegration of institutions and a breakdown of the very fabric of the Somali society. Amongst these changes, there is an apparent on-going transformation of some gender relations within the Somaliland society, and Somali women are rediscovering their potentials and their rights. The purpose of this study was, therefore, to identify and document the changing roles of women in Somaliland and to analyse its implications for family dynamics and peace building. Specifically, the study aims to explore how changes in women’s roles have impacted on their participation in decision-making and peace building as well as the implications of these changes for the wider Somali society in general. As such, the study sought to collect and analyse data related to women’s changing social, economic, political and legal roles within the Somali society.