Public Policy Participation by Senegalese Producers' Organizations Lessons Learned from Capatilization on the Land Reform and EPA Negociation Process - Educational Booklet

"This document is based on two capitalization studies conducted in Senegal on the participation of producers’ organizations in land reform and economic partnership agreement negotiations. Based on these two experiences, it attempts to provide a few elements of analysis and draw conclusions that can help organization leaders and facilitators in the context of training. The papers are part of the capacity-building project for networks of agricultural organizations focusing on agricultural, food and rural policy (Réseau Paar). The project is financed by the French development agency (Agence française de développement – AFD) and entrusted to Inter-réseaux for its supervision. The project’s aim is to finance research by northern and southern organizations linked to the concerns of southern producers’ organizations (regional economic integration in West Africa, climate change, establishment of agricultural policy and legislation, land issues, etc.). The first part of this document attempts to lay out certain elements of definition for the terms used, before concentrating on the general lessons learned from an analysis of the participation of producers’ organizations in the policy processes studied. The second part of this document focuses on presenting the Senegalese context. It describes the different phases of PO participation in public policy formulation. Finally, the last part of this document is a presentation of two experiences, one of which took place at the national level (land reform) and the other at the international level (EPA negotiation). Each case study includes a brief review of the processes studied and analyses the issues for Senegalese POs and the different stages of their participation, using a chronological analysis."