Property Rights Regime in Kenya: Implications for Small Businesses

This survey has highlighted weaknesses that range from regulatory enforcement issues to concerns around policy design that have negative impact on MSEs. These have implications on both the county governments as well as the national government. On the one hand, it is in the interest of the county governments, such as Nairobi, to address these concerns. Failure to do so worsens the operating environment and thus stifles the growth of MSEs, resulting in revenue loss amidst other adverse consequences such as worsening the unemployment situation. On the other hand, the national government needs to address these challenges, because the core policy problem is a national enforcement problem that may not often be addressed by county government policy and legislation. Legislators both in the national assembly as well as in the county assemblies will find this information useful. As representatives of particular constituents, whose role is to provide oversight in the management of their affairs, might use the survey findings to initiate legislative reforms that will enhance the property rights regime leading to more inclusive growth of MSEs.