Promoting Restorative Justice in South Africa's Correctional Services

The themes in this report emanate from the presentations and discussions from the seminar and provide insight into the discourse on restorative justice, with particular focus on the complexities of implementing restorative justice in a post-sentencing environment. This report brings an international perspective to the discussions and shows how DCS fits into the broader discourse on restorative justice. The report also provides a theoretical analysis of restorative justice practices in Africa and across the world and how these experiences can enhance the implementation of principles, policies and practices with South Africa’s Correctional Services. Speakers were invited to address issues such as an understanding of restorative justice and its application after sentencing. Participants also discussed the role and challenges of the community and non-governmental organisations in working with DCS in the social reintegration of offenders on release. A personal account by an ex-offender who had participated in a restorative justice process was also discussed. The inputs provided fresh insights into the challenges that DCS needs to overcome in its quest to implement a programme that is fully restorative in terms of offender rehabilitation.