Within this study the policies and regulations in place (or lack thereof) was examined and it’s impact on small scale banana farmers in Isingiro district. Possible solutions will be shared with the government, farmers, interested donors and other stakeholders. Isingiro district is the largest producer of bananas in the whole of Uganda. The statistics at district level show that during the peak season which is from the month of May to July between 75 and 120 lorries are loaded with bananas for sale in other major towns within and outside Uganda. In the months of September through to December between 40 and 50 lorries of bananas leave the district for Kampala everyday (each lorry carrying 350 bunches). The location of Isingiro as a border district presents opportunities for cross border trade with Tanzania and Rwanda. The study was conducted in such a way that useful information was collected from the banana farmers both male and female. The study looked at how they engage in banana production right from farming, to marketing as well as processing. It explored whether farmers understand the concept of food sovereignty and how they are affected by production, gender and marketing bottlenecks. Most of the farmers interviewed, approximately, 79.7% were subsistence farmers who produce, first and foremost, to satisfy their household food requirements.