Preventing and Managing Violent Election-Related Conflicts in Africa Exploring Good Practices

"The primary goal of this symposium was to examine the intrinsic and instrumental value of elections by focusing on election-related conflicts and how they can be prevented, managed, and resolved with a view to deepening democracy, ensuring stability and promoting peace and security. The main objectives of the symposium were: to provide a platform for discussion about elections and conflict among key stakeholders in Africa, highlighting best practices and challenges; to share best practices for the prevention, management, and resolution of election related conflict and propose appropriate electoral reforms; to explore constructive mechanisms to complement those that already exist in various African countries for managing election disputes and violent conflicts; to review the intervention strategies of continental inter-governmental bodies (the African Union, the Pan-African Parliament, the APRM and regional economic communities) for handling election disputes and conflicts and to propose reforms where appropriate; to review the intervention strategies of international development partners (donors) aimed at assisting African states to deal with election disputes and conflicts."