This booklet chronicles the history that has given rise to the vision of FemWise-Africa, and maps out the wider continental and international context in which it has emerged as a key role-player for the implementation of the WPS Agenda, particularly in the areas of conflict prevention and mediation in Africa. As such, the booklet outlines some of the work being done on the African continent and beyond to develop, implement and monitor frameworks such as the landmark United Nations Security Council (UNSC) Resolution 1325, through the creation of various mechanisms and collectives. The booklet places FemWise-Africa in the wider context of these initiatives and highlights the unique contribution this network can make in the dynamic and evolving landscape of WPS. It also celebrates and commemorates the contributions made by individuals, networks and institutions in the ongoing implementation of the WPS Agenda in Africa and internationally, specifically with regard to issues of conflict prevention and mediation. The title of the booklet, The Power of Collectives, serves as a reminder of the enhanced strength, reach and efficacy of collective efforts and unity, which are embodied by FemWise-Africa and other similar networks around the world. It is hoped that by capturing the experiences, lessons and success stories of individuals and collectives engaged in this work, the booklet will serve to inspire collaboration and renewed impetus in the ongoing journey towards sustainable peace, gender inclusivity and continental unity.