Poverty Reduction Strategies Towards the Millenium Development Goals: Africa's Experiences and Lessons for Nigeria

"The ECA-sponsored African Learning Group on PRSP was established to facilitate African Peer Learning and serve as a mechanism through which Africans could ensure the relevance of the PRSP approach to the continents development challenges. This paper discusses the lessons of experience after 5 years of PRSP and four years of MDGs along the themes of macro economic stability, participation, content and comprehensiveness of growth strategies, linkages with sectoral policies and long-term plans, capacity building and harmonisation of donor policies and programmes. It also makes the point that reducing poverty has positive impact on HIV/AIDS prevalence and fighting AIDS equates fighting poverty. Preliminary lessons on the PRSP is shared which emerged from Africa and relevance for Nigeria is explored. The paper is based on twenty-four country studies commissioned for the ECA African Learning Group on the Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP-LG) as well as the main outcomes of three meetings of the Learning Group. These country background papers examine the scope, content and comprehensiveness of the growth strategies in the PRSPs as well as the degree to which Africa's development partners are aligning their programs and policies to support the PRSP."