"The first chapter provides recently available data about the status and trends in indicators of poverty in its many dimensions. Indicators from the PRS of income and non-income poverty are included for continuity of the trend analysis. The status chapter also reports on evidence of disparities between urban and rural, between males and females and between households with different levels of income.Chapter 2, a spatial analysis, provides for the first time in Tanzania, estimates of income poverty for each district. The methodology by which these estimates are derived – poverty mapping - is summarised here and a fuller methodological report is in process. Maps are included in this chapter, plus an assessment of the relationship of income poverty with other indicators of well-being by district. Chapter 3 provides an analytical view of promoting rural growth, particularly in smallholder agriculture. The constraints faced by smallholders in their efforts to improve their livelihoods and lessons from promising initiatives are explored here. A concluding chapter assesses the conclusions of each of the preceding chapters and draws out the most critical lessons and challenges."