Poverty and Family Size Patterns : Comparison Across African Countries

"The significance of this study is, in the first instance, bringing out the extent of poverty that is talked about in Africa, and associated factors. Secondly implications of findings will be drawn, on, first, a possible ‘theory’ of pattern of population trends with development, thus enhancing the population debate on the effect of population growth on development. For all intents and purposes the debate has been protracted: it is to date still in a stalemate of controversy. The paper defines measurement of poverty level with the (wealth)possession items available in the data sets, with the resulting country poverty levels in the region presented. An analysis of the relation of poverty level with household size, looking out for varying patterns thereof, but taking into account (i.e. controlling for) correlates of poverty is made. Finally interpretation of the findings in view of low contraceptive level in the region is made with implications for effective population policies, importantly drawing approach of programmes and extension to enhancement of the protracted population debate."