Poverty and Changing Livelihoods of Migrant Maasai Pastoralists in Morogoro and Kilosa Districts, Tanzania

"The objective of this study was to analyse how the Maasai migrants have adapted themselves to the new ecological conditions and the impact of such adaptations on their livelihoods. Confronted with the loss of grazing land due to several geographical factors and political marginalisation, some Maasai have migrated to and/or taken up other economic preoccupations in addition to livestock keeping in different parts of Tanzania including Morogoro and Kilosa districts. The data further shows that, although Maasai farmers apply the same cultivation methods as other non-pastoral communities, their farming practices are still rudimentary. Few other Maasai,however, cultivate their farms using modern machinery. Much pressure on agricultural lands could have increased as more and more Maasai keep taking up crop cultivation as a way of life, there is very little evidence that the integrity of the environment is under any threats as yet."