Political Parties and the Push for Political Consensus

This paper aims at exploring how the signing of the current peace agreement could be used as an opportunity for the people of South Sudan to dialogue and reconstitute political consensus. It largely focuses on the role of political parties in providing a vision around which the society can be mobilized. The people of South Sudan have had the benefit of experiencing the important role political parties play in their political life over the course of the liberation struggle. This is because political parties and movements have been instrumental in shaping the direction of South Sudan’s long struggle, as they have been able to unite and mobilize the efforts of the South Sudanese to fight for their freedom. These efforts culminated in the popular referendum leading to the declaration of independence in 2011. To sustain the unity and commitment of the South Sudanese to the higher purpose, the political parties played the role of reminding and bringing them back to consensus. The higher purpose as its name suggests is something that is bigger than life, which is why people make the ultimate sacrifices to defend what they believe, is at the core of their being.