Political Movements and the Challenges for Democracy in Swaziland

"The present report investigates the operations of 3 major political organizations in Swaziland : the NNLC, the People's United Democratic Movement (PUDEMO), and Sive Siyinqabaj(SS). SS calls itself a cultural group. Due to the interest SS has shown in local politics, and the fact that in the region such cultural organizations as Inkatha in KwaZulu Natal and Inyadza in the former Ka Ngwane ended up talking and behaving more like political parties than bona fide cultural organizations, it is not far-fetched to discern that SS might transform itself into a political party. The reasons are explained in detail in this report. Both the NNLC and PUDEMO operate illegally and therefore undergound. This makes it impossible to study their internal functioning and structure, including their participation in elections, and other aspects recorded in the interview. The parts of the regional study questionnaire that could not be answered indicate the status of the Swazi scenario."