Political Integration and Democratisation in Southern Africa: Progress, Problems and Prospects

"This study is concerned with the concept and praxis of regionalism in Southern Africa with a deliberate focus on the deepening of political integration through democratisation. This report is divided into various sections. The second section focuses mainly on historical and contemporary trends of regional integration, with special attention paid to political integration through democratisation. The third section reviews SADC’s institutional framework and evaluates how these structures drive the political integration agenda. The fourth section interrogates the normative framework in place for SADC to pursue political integration through its regional democracy and governance mandate as defined in its 1992 founding Treaty. The fifth section outlines the democracy and governance initiatives by two regional bodies, namely the SADC Parliamentary Forum and the Electoral Commissions Forum of the SADC Countries. The sixth section presents the democracy and governance initiatives of selected regional civil society actors. The seventh and concluding section is an overview of the key research findings and recommendations."