"Mauritius is regularly cited as an example of political stability and democracy at both the regional and global level. The Mauritian model has, over the decades, ensured that each component of our complex socio‐cultural fabric is represented at the different level of the decision‐making spheres since our independence in 1968. This has contributed towards peaceful cohabitation of the different ethnic groups. The country has enhanced, over the years, its fight against corruption through socioeconomic policies and legal frameworks. Mauritius has made several attempts to rethink its political Governance framework so as to accelerate a modern and healthier nation‐building process, establish a better model of representative democracy, and contribute towards the fight against corruption. It is therefore important to stimulate discussion about the way forward with regards to Political Governance in Mauritius, so as to propose measures having the potential to contribute toward the consolidation of the peaceful and stable Mauritian society through conflict management and anti‐corruption strategies. This academic workshop provides academicians and researchers with the opportunity to write conference papers and present same to a wider audience. It also creates a forum for OSSREA members to engage in academic debates."