Political Dynamics in the Horn of Africa: Nurturing the Emerging Peace Trends

National and regional stability in the Horn of Africa serve as vital components of the sustainable development objectives across the region. Faced with myriad challenges relating to weak governance and state institutions, porous and contested national boundaries, slowing economic growth, and an increasingly tense scramble for resources by major powers, the political and security fault-lines in the Horn of Africa have become both a barrier to nation-building, as well as a source of acute security apprehensions. These issues are also affecting political trajectories in the region and dimming the prospects for robust regional integration. In line with recent political developments in the Horn of Africa, especially the surprising rapprochement between Ethiopia and Eritrea following almost two decades of violent conflict, this year’s Tana Forum will deliberate on: • Inter-state engagements in the Horn and efforts to establish peace and cooperation; • The role of state and non-state external actors in reshaping national and regional security; • The alternative futures for the region in light of the events currently unfolding in the region.