Policy Strategies Needed to Promote Permanent Agricultural Recovery and Productivity Growth in the SADC Region

28 May 2004

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The Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources Policy Analysis Network (FANRPAN) hosted its second high level policy dialogue at the Shandrani Hotel, Mauritius, 28 - 30 March 2004. The objectives of the meeting were to enable senior policy advisors to dialogue and reach consensus on the priority policy issues that need to be addressed to speed up agricultural recovery and come up with regional policy recommendations for onward transmission to the SADC Ministers of Agriculture. The following recommendations were made on policy measures to achieve permanent recovery in the agricultural sector: improved macro economic policies and access to resources; markets and trade to facilitate commercialisation of smallholder agriculture; disaster preparedness strategies; specific policies for each of the three groups of farmers (commercial, emerging and subsistence farmers); empowerment of farmer organizations to participate effectively in the policy process; long-term support to research in appropriate technology; strong farmer-research-extension linkages; diversification from traditional staples such as maize; practical demonstration of political commitment; and promotion of national and household food reserves. The following bankable actions to achieve the key policy measures were identified: improve macro economic policies and increase agricultural finance; facilitate access to resources (land, input technology, information, seeds); develop intra-SADC and international markets and trade to facilitate commercialisation of smallholder agriculture; develop regional disaster preparedness strategies;