Policy Coherences between Global Climate Change Rules and National Sectoral Policies: The Case of REDD+ in Kenya

"The aim of this paper is to analyse the implementation of global REDD+ rules within Kenyan policies and identify sources of coherences and conflicts between REDD+ design rules and existing sectorial policies and local socioeconomic settings. The specific objectives are: (1) to evaluate how global REDD+ rules are instituted into national setting (2) to analyse the interplay between REDD+ and stakeholder engagement in the national REDD+ process in Kenya (3) to analyse the interplay between global REDD+ rules and Kenya’s sectorial policies on forests, land and agriculture (4) to assess the interplay between REDD+ rules and local socioeconomic settings. By addressing these objectives, this paper provides insightful and comprehensive understanding of how policies are crucial in addressing deforestation in Kenya and elsewhere."