Policy Brief: The Dynamics of Diamond Pricing and Marketing in Sierra Leone

Estelle Agnes Levin

01 Apr 2006

4pages PDF

"This Policy Brief summarizes a report entitled ‘The Dynamics of Diamond Pricing and Marketing in Sierra Leone’. It also describes some of the policy implications for government, donor agencies and development organizations arising from the report. The report describes the reality – and the incredible complexity – of the largely informal diamond-buying network in Sierra Leone, and the wide range of players involved. It describes a system that thrives because it is based to a large extent on secrecy, favours, trust and mistrust, dependency and disinformation. Many of those in and around the diamond pipeline do not know the true value of their product, and are therefore vulnerable to unfair exploitation. It is a system where very few rules apply, where product knowledge is limited, and where many influences and considerations interact to form a complex web of activity."