Policy Brief : Counter-Terrorism and the National Security of African States: Points of Convergence and Departure

"Africa’s recognition of the threat of terrorism to the continent has culminated in the galvanisation of national, regional and international efforts towards counter-terrorism on the continent. The renewed efforts have culminated in the (1) designing of legal instruments to facilitate action against terrorism, and (2) the institution of operational measures to prevent, deter and combat terrorist activities on the continent. Countries such as Uganda, Tanzania, Mauritius, Gambia and South Africa have subsequently succeeded in enacting counter-terrorism legislation, whilst others such as Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Algeria and Morocco have argued that their existing criminal codes can sufficiently deal with the situation. In addition, operational measures aimed at reducing vulnerabilities and eliminating threats of terrorism through border surveillance and control, prevention of money laundering, and the prevention of falsification of travel documents have become mainstream elements of various national, regional and continental counter-terrorism approaches." This policy brief is part of the CPMRD Newsletter.