Policies, Regulations and Institutional Framework for Improved Sanitation in Kigali: Rwanda

"Rwanda, like most developing countries, is facing many challenges in sanitation sector. One of the main factors why the country cannot cope effectively with sanitation problems is the lack of an improved “Policy, Regulations and Institutional Framework” The question is how to apply this instrument appropriately and effectively into specific context. In general, national law is the basis for improving sanitation practices in any country. It permits national agencies responsible for the environment and sanitation to apply pressure for their implementation. There should be a clear designation of responsibilities before the law is enacted. The law should be complemented by a policy document, and by technical guidelines developed for implementation of the law. Our study of the “Policy, Regulatory and Institutional Framework” relating to sanitation in Rwanda, and particularly in Kigali city, attempts to analyze the existing framework. Therefore, all types of legal texts such as laws, organic laws, policies at both national and municipal levels, and policy texts will be used as an empirical background for this paper. “The Policies, Regulations and Institutional Framework” review the existing policies, legislations, institutions relevant to SPLASH Project and identifies requirements that will guide the development of sanitation."