PM Hailemariam at Helm of “Emerging Giant” Dependable Operating Ground, But Formidable Challenges Remain Challenges of PM Hailemariam Desalegn

"Today, PM Hailemariam is not expected only to bring bread for the survival of the population for a single day rather to maintain or increase the double digit economic growth and fair distribution of wealth among the society. The new Premier is expected to further reduce the rate of inflation in the coming few months. As Mr. Hailemariam has a burden of effectively executing the blueprints of the late Premier, such as the ambitious plan (widely known as the Growth and Transformation Plan) People are also expecting him to adopt his own big development projects that would effectively reflect his legacy in the future. Equally important is the fact that people in and outside Ethiopia were eager to watch how PM Hailemariam maintains an enhanced posture attained by the late Premier on the regional, continental and international planes with particular reference to Ethiopia’s role in the Inter governmental Authority on Development (IGAD) the African Union the United Nations."