Perspectives on Economic Management in Botswana: Jobs and Widespread Wealth Elude Even a Well Managed Economy

"Botswana is internationally regarded as a success story of democratic development in Africa. Through prudent economic management and sound macroeconomic policies, it has consistently achieved positive economic outcomes, including rapid economic growth rates, relatively low inflation rates, and a healthy foreign reserve. Assessments by international agencies such as the World Bank, Moody’s Investors Services, and Standard and Poor’s (S&P), amongst others, have rated Botswana’s economy and its management highly. Similarly, Transparency International has ranked Botswana as the least corrupt country in Africa. Do popular assessments of the Government of Botswana’s performance match these high ratings offered by the international community? To find out, the Afrobarometer sought to elicit popular evaluations of government effectiveness on the issues that matter to Botswana. Overall, Botswana are of the view that the economy is well managed but there are challenges."