Performance and Competitiveness of Small and Medium Sized Manufacturing Enterprises in Botswana

"This study assessed whether SMEs in Botswana have the institutional support that allows them to be competitive both domestically and internationally. Ironically, the results indicate that SMEs in Botswana generally have a lot of institutional support. However, this support is limited by a lack of proper coordination, which has in some cases resulted in duplication of efforts and hence wastage of both the financial and human resources that the sector needs for its growth and development. It is however encouraging to note that the Local Enterprise Authority (LEA) has now been created.LEA’s mandate is to consolidate all the activities of various institutional support organs (government, parastatal, private sector and civil society) for SMEs with a view to create a supportive financial, legal and regulatory environment for the successful operation of SMEs. Consequently, there is now hope that SMEs will grow and play a significant role that they potentially have for the economy of Botswana."