The research shows that the majority of Nigerians within the Niger Delta have very poor knowledge of the causes and effects of climate change. This therefore calls on all levels of government in Nigeria to vigorously pursue, public enlightenment on the causes and effects of climate change using media like television, radio and newspapers. These media outlets/firms are recommended because they are the main sources of information to the respondents. In the urban areas, the respondents view more of television and read newspapers so therefore, any enlightenment programme on climate change that is continuously (constant and regular) aired on television will be of great benefit to them, while the radio will serve the rural people better. Religious leaders, traditional rulers, market leaders and teachers should be sent by the government to ‘train the trainers’ short courses on climate change so that they can impact such basic climate change knowledge on their subjects. It is the opinion of this paper that this method will go a long way in inculcating climate change ideas in the people because of two basic reasons. One, majority of the respondents already believe that the main cause of climate change is the Act of God, so teaching them how vulnerable they are, and how to adapt from the pulpit will significantly make a lasting impact. Two, Nigerians are so religious and strongly believe that their religious leaders are Men of God so whatever they say are of divine origin.