Penetrating State and Business Organised Crime in Southern Africa Vol 2

"In Chapter 1 of this volume, Charles Goredema provides an in-depth report on organised crime and the penetration of state and business structures in Zimbabwe. The chapter illustrates how the expansion of organised crime was influenced by the concomitant rapid deterioration of the Zimbabwean economy. An important part of the chapter focuses on the penetration of organised crime into both the formal business sector and government structures. Zimbabwe is a state undergoing a deep economic and social transition and therefore provides opportunities for organised criminal groups, including senior bureaucrats and entrepreneurs from the private sector, to exploit weaknesses and opportunities.Chapter 2 focuses on Botswana. Despite its relatively stable democracy and an effective law enforcement agency,Botswana has experienced an increase in organised crime—but is the country that is probably the best equipped to contain it effectively. Gideon Nkala briefly sketches some of the main organised criminal activities in the country, such as the theft of motor vehicles, drug trafficking and illegal immigration. The spillover of organised crime from neighbouring South Africa is significant."