Peacemaking in Southern Africa: Breathing life into Angolan darkness

This document discusses the Windhoek tripartite meeting on 4 June 1993 between the Foreign Ministers of Namibia, Angola and South Africa to explore bilateral and tripartite issues concerning all three countries. The ‘Windhoek Declaration’ indicated willingness to explore issues of common concern, notably the Angolan peace process. The Foreign Ministers gave their commitment to peace in Angola within the framework of the Bicesse Accords and United Nations Security Council Resolutions 804, 811 and 834 of 1993, agreeing to co-operate with each other to provide an impetus to the peace process in Angola, and urging the countries of the region towards greater co-operation in the interests of peace, stability and economics. In the wake of the Windhoek talks, the Zambezi Lodge meeting between Namibia and Zambia was also overshadowed by the Angolan civil war. The concerns of both meetings underscore the new discourse underway in the region and show that the resolve exists to engage in peacemaking.