Peacekeeping and Post-Conflict Criminality Challenges to the (re-) establishment of Rule of Law in Liberia

"The paper presents a critical review of criminality as one of the major challenges facing post-conflict Liberia.The criminality peacekeeping nexus is also explored with a view of establishing the link between UNMILís presence in Liberia and increase in criminality. Although UNMIL has contributed significantly in ensuring relative stability since the ending of overt conflict in Liberia, it has failed to combat spiraling crime in the country due to the nature of its mandate. The paper further argues that due to convergence of challenges, violent crimes in post-conflict Liberia, especially rape, armed robbery, murder and mob violence have assume a more worrisome dimension. The paper concludes that if concerted efforts are not made to address these challenges (such as weak economy, faulty DDRR and vetting processes, ineffective criminal justice system etc) rule of law will be adversely impacted and criminality will continue to flourish."