"The aim of this monograph is to document past ECOWAS experiences and identify lessons learned and best practices in its sub-regional peace-making processes. The focus is on major peace agreements brokered to end the conflicts in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea-Bissau and Cote d'Ivoire. The agreements and Processes are analysed, as per selected countries, within two different chronological and conceptual contexts : ECOWAS peace-making endeavours which are situated within an ad-hoc conflict framework and the peace making processes which are initiated under the more institutionalised ECOWAS Conflict Mechanism, in order to contrast peacemaking under ad hoc legal and security frameworks versus a more permanent framework. The purpose is to determine whether or not the adoption and gradual implementation of the ECOWAS Protocol Relating to the Mechanism for Conflict Prevention, Management, Resolutions, Peacekeeping and Security has enhanced peacemaking processes in the region, and to suggest options to improve peace-making processes."