Peace and Security through Good Governance A Guide to the NEPAD African Peer Review Mechanism

"This paper is focused on the political and governance component of NEPAD peer review. Hunger, poverty, HIV/AIDS and lack of development in Africa are in the first instance political and governance issues. Both economic and corporate governance takes its cue from political governance and it would be naïve to suggest that the latter could improve within a corrupt and self-serving political system. Without making political governance the core focus of NEPAD, the Partnership is unlikely to make an impact on the continent. Against this background the first section briefly describes the types of Review as reflected in the various NEPAD documents. This is followed by an overview of the APRM structure and organization and seeks to unpack the often confusing and complex relationships between NEPAD and the African Union. Quite a large section of the paper then describes and comments on those structures that are to be tasked to undertake parts of the political and governance review, including the proposed APR Forum, APR Secretariat, the APR Panel of Eminent Persons and country teams."