Peace and Security Council Report Issue No.114 June 2019

This article ‘AU summit: Will free trade be Africa’s economic game changer?’ discusses the importance and economic possibilities of the establishment of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCTA). In ‘Dangers ahead for Sudan after its suspension from the AU’ highlights the reasons for the suspension of Sudan from the AU and discusses the implications of this action. ‘Are Africa’s poor elections signalling a democratic setback?’ is the title of the next article. The author discusses the democratic and stability issues around elections in Africa. While there have been more elections and fewer coups in Africa since the early 1990s, increasingly, elections are being abused by some governments to impose autocratic practices. The challenges faced by peace support operations (PSOs) led by the AU and how to address them is the topic of the article ‘Reviewing AU peace support operations: what to do when there’s no peace to keep?’ ‘AU–UN relations in the spotlight as PSC prepares to meet UN Security Council’ highlights the frameworks on which the partnership is built and affirms the cooperation of peace and security issues between the two institutions. ‘Interview: ‘The AU’s voice in the Great Lakes remains key’ is an interview with former veteran Algerian diplomat Said Djinnit, United Nations Special Envoy to the Great Lakes (UNSEGL). PSC Report asked him about the situation in the region and the role of AU institutions such as the Peace and Security Council and regional economic communities.