The open sessions of the Peace and Security Council(PSC) in April 2016 focused on migration, natural resources and arms control. The question can be asked, how effective are these open sessions? In the Situation Analysis, the promising changes seen in Somalia is discussed, with thousands of visitors streaming into the country on commercial flights. Yet terror attacks by al-Shabaab are becoming more and more violent. Under the heading : Addis Insight - They discuss the decision by the heads of state of the PSC not to send a military force to Burundi which has sparked a new debate over decision-making within the PSC. The policy lessons to be learnt from the Burundi saga is then discussed? Under the heading the PSC Interview : the PSC Report is discussed which speaks to a veteran mediator and former UN representative to Burundi Ahmedou Ould‑Abdallah about the role of the AU in solving conflicts.