Paradigms, Processes and Practicalities of Land Reform in Post-conflict Sub-Saharan Africa

"This chapter will examine the paradigms and processes involved in drafting or reforming land policies and laws in two very different African countries: Eritrea and Zimbabwe. Whereas Rwanda, Burundi and some parts of north-eastern DRC have very high population densities – the highest in the continent, in Rwanda’s case – the countries examined in this chapter have lower population densities, and different challenges. The paper does not attempt to offer a comprehensive or definitive analysis of land policy on the two countries, but instead looks at the rationale for the reforms, including the role of development partners in recommending particular kinds of reform. It will also examine the processes of policy- and law-making, especially in terms of consultation and negotiation between stakeholders. Finally, the chapter will look at the practicalities of implementation, particularly in regard to local participation in decision-making and dispute-resolution."