'Outlaws on Camelback' : State and Individual Responsibility for Serious Violations of International Law in Darfur

"In this paper Dr.Alhagi Marong makes a number of cogent arguments on Sudan’s international responsibility for violations of international law committed by its military forces, as well as the civilian Janjaweed militia, formed, organised, funded and armed by the government to support its war against the Darfur rebels. The paper further argues that Sudan’s state responsibility is neither inconsistent with, nor does it detract from the individual responsibility of senior members of the Sudanese government, the Sudanese armed forces, and militia leaders. It concludes by arguing that to challenge impunity for the violations committed in Darfur, both state and individual responsibility must be vigorously pursued, and that the international community must support the ongoing work of the International Criminal Court to investigate and prosecute all those bearing responsibility for the heinous crimes committed in that region since 2003."