‘New mineral certification scheme launched’ shows that as the navel grazing and vacillation over Zimbabwe has shown a range of new mineral certification and conflict prevention initiatives are rapidly overtaking the KP – in thought and substance. ‘Zimbabwe: KP goes soft, green-lights Marange exports’ states that Zimbabwe has 160 million reasons to celebrate the New Year, after two government owned producers in Marange won the right to what amounts to unfettered exports of their current production. ‘Canadile melts down’ indicates that Canadile’s collapse has resulted in the government effectively taking over the day-to-day operations of the mine. ‘Anjin: Who’s behind the latest Marange player?’ states that details are slowly trickling out about Anjin, the mystery Chinese company awarded the third mining concession in Marange. ‘Plenary report: Enforcing the KPCS’ talks about how under Israel’s chairmanship in 2010, the KP made strengthened effort to combat diamond smuggling a priority. ‘KP takes pass on Human Rights’ reports that at the 2010 KPCS Plenary, the KP Civil Society Coalition introduced (for the fourth straight meeting) language clarifying the relationship between the KPCS and human rights. ‘DR Congo takes over KP Chair, sets out agenda’ says that the DRC has come out of the gate with a strong and focused agenda for the year. ‘Conflict watch: Central African Republic, Angola, Côte d’Ivoire’ says that while all eyes have been on Zimbabwe, new concerns are also being raised about diamond related violence in the Central African Republic.