In this bulletin several workshops held by OSSREA were discussed as well as the launching of NBRP books as well as a strategic plan for 2011-2015. Featured articles included : Is the Adoption of Multicurrency System a Panacea to Urban Dwellers’ Socio-Economic Challenges? Perceptions of Residents in Gweru, Zimbabwe. The paper explores the impact of the change in monetary regime on socio-economic conditions of urban dwellers, given their overreliance on the market economy and vulnerability to its fluctuations. The Volatility of the Lilangeni Exchange Rate in Swaziland. The Politics of Donor Aid in Zimbabwe, 1980 – 2010: Challenges and Prospects.This paper is exploring four dimensions and,is supported by statistical data where necessary in the form of tables, figures and graphs, attempts to show the impact of aid in Zimbabwe during the prescribed time period.