In this bulletin several news items scheduled for October 2009 within OSSREA was discussed. The articles discussed amoung other: Training sessions, the 2009 research grant awards and development of new websites. New publications are also listed and discussed. The policy brief by Akech examines the challenges of privatization in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) from the viewpoint of law and democracy.Four articles featured entitled: 1)Ethical Considerations in Research: Challenges and Dilemmas for Researchers. 2)Gender-Power Relations in Contraceptive Use Decision-Making: The Case of Migrant Weavers of Addis Ababa. 3)Impact of Electricity Crisis on Winter Wheat Production for Resettled Farmers in Zimbabwe. 4)Delimiting Spheres of Influence of Gweru and Their Role in the Development Planning of the Midlands Province of Zimbabwe.