In this bulletin the following events were discussed : OSSREA’s Ninth Congress, the Stakeholders Workshop, OSSREA-IDRC and WARF Research Capacity Building Training Workshop, the Grant Awards and training Programmes. Feature articles include the following: 1)Capacity Development Dimensions of Civil Service Reforms in Sub-Saharan Africa:Preliminary Reflections 2)Economic Partnership Agreements in Southern Africa: SADC’s Death Knell? 3)The Role of Higher Education in Regional Integration - The Case of East Africa. This paper looks at initiatives that have been put in place to address this matter and offers suggestions for ways in which African universities can help foster deeper and more meaningful regional integration.4) Achieving a United States of Africa: Practical Vision or Utopian Ideal? 5) Landfill Site Selection in Gweru: A Geographical Information Systems Approach. This paper attempts to illustrate how Geographical Information Systems (GIS) could be used by the Gweru City Council as a tool in identifying a suitable location for a landfill in the City.