The first article is titled: Domestic and Foreign Portfolio Investment. Total transaction at the national bourse increased by 15.95 percent from Naira 121.9 billion in August 2019 to Naira 141.45 billion in September 2019. The increase in total transaction is attributable to a 47.81 percent increase in foreign transactions which outweighed the decrease in domestic transaction (19.09 percent). The second article : Rise in Commodity Prices. Following the border closure announcement, the supply of commodities is falling, leading to a rise in prices. Observations show that prices of some commodities have risen between 42% and 100% since the closure of the border. The following article : Decline in Stock Market Index. The article discusses Market indices at the Nigeria Stock Exchange which closed downwards for the second consecutive week. The All Share Index and Market Capitalisation Index both depreciated by 0.21% to close at 26,293.30 and N12.799 trillion respectively. Under the heading, Economic snapshot the quarterly and monthly indicators are listed.