This eighth national Local Government Councils Scorecard report presents findings and results of the performance of elected political leaders at the district levels during the Financial Year 2018/2019. The assessment was conducted in 35 Local Governments, scientifically selected basing on criteria that meet contemporary research norms and good practices (described in the methods section). The criteria used ensured equal regional representation of the districts studied, and the details of the process that was followed is articulated in chapter two of the report. The assessment was guided by carefully developed performance indicators based on the roles, responsibilities, and functions of elected district leaders as articulated in the Local Government Act and the decentralisation policy. This FY 2018/2019 scorecard assessment established that there was remarkable improvement in the performance of the targeted district leaders in fulfilling their mandates across the selected 35 Local Governments in the country. This was made possible by adherence to the rigorous assessment process, preceded by sustained capacity building and civic engagement with the citizens at the local level. Civic engagement was the bedrock of building citizens’ civic awareness of their rights, duties and obligations. In civic engagement, citizens were also made aware of service delivery standards which they relied upon to hold their leaders accountable.