Needs Assessment Seminar on Migration and Development Challenges in the Greater Horn of Africa (GHA)

"This paper provides an overview of the key issues in migration and development. It identifies, defines and provides relevant instances of four main issues in the migration-development debate: (i) brain drain and brain circulation; (ii) migrant remittances; (iii) Diaspora; and (iv) xenophobia. The paper acknowledges the positive shift in the perception that brain drain is negative given the established positive roles played by remittances in and brain circulation from the countries of origin. The paper notes that some African countries including Nigeria and South Africa have put in place policies and legislation that acknowledge the significance of brain circulation and migrant remittances. In addition, it forecasts that the accelerating unemployment and consequent deepening of poverty in the SSA region might accelerate irregular migration flows, all with serious consequences for security issues and xenophobia."