Natural Resource Management in Sub Saharan Africa: Consequences and Policy Options for Africa

"The complexity of harnessing natural resources aside, it has to be done for the benefit of countries in Africa and their citizens. It is this realisation of the central importance that can be played by harnessing natural resources for growth that the AERC Senior Policy Seminar XIII (SPS XIII) looked at Natural Resource Management in sub-Saharan Africa and the consequences and policy options for the continent as the topic for the seminar. The seminar, which was held in Maputo, Mozambique, in March 2011, was attended by 103 policy makers and researchers from 27 countries. The discussions were organized around the following five themes: Role of the State in Natural Resource Exploration and Exploitation. Policy Issues in Resource Rent Extraction – Hydrocarbons. Policy Issues in Resource Rent Extraction – Hard Commodities. Meeting the Challenges of Economic Diversification in Resource-rich Countries. Managing Savings/Investment Decisions in Resource-rich Countries including Sovereign Wealth Fund and related issues."